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Your wedding day has finally arrived! Time to put on that beautiful gown you bought six months ago and dreamed of wearing since you were a little girl! The gown was simply stunning on you when you put it on in the salon and couldn't be more perfect!


If only it were that simple! Here are a few tips to help make your gown feel as good as it looks.


Many brides only try on their gowns at the salon and then put it away until the wedding day. At most, they wear it only about 10 minutes, and even then don't perform any of the same types of physical movements they will be doing on the actual wedding day. Some of our brides schedule a pre-wedding day portrait session with us, and it never fails that before the session is over, the bride realizes that a what felt fine for about five minutes in the salon is a whole different story after just the first hour. (This is just one of many reasons why we recommend a pre-wedding day bridal portrait session!)


Whether it is worn as part of a portrait session or just around the house, we highly recommend to all of our brides that they practice putting on and wearing their dress for an extended time well in advance of the wedding day to make sure it will be comfortable for the many hours it will be worn on the wedding day itself. 


Wedding Gown Tips

  1. Make sure all dresses and gowns (including bridesmaids') are properly fitted BEFORE the wedding day. 
  2. Practice putting on your gown beforehand. Be sure to include the same person(s) who will assist you on the actual day of the wedding. (And don't forget the veil, if you have one!) If the gown is the type which is altered for the transition from ceremony to reception, you should also practice making those adjustmentst, too.
  3. Wear your gown for an extended period before the day of the wedding, practicing various movements to insure comfortable wear over time. 
  4. Whatever amount of time you think you might need to get ready on your wedding day, multiply by THREE!


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